Who we are

Founded in 2002 with the goal to face a long term future projection. Since its foundation BG SPAZIO is dedicated to the manufacturing of products in plastic and cardboard. The flexibility in production processes and the continuous adaptation to changes are  the pillars that have sustained  the company since its foundation, because only with such values a forward-looking business is achieved. Throughout these past years, BG SPAZIO has combined both quality and innovation in each of its products. Nowadays BG SPAZIO has obtained a position of prestige in the market, the recognized quality of its products being the best support.

Design and Manufacturing

We currently have over 10.000 m2 in facilities and high technology machinery. BG SPAZIO’s business philosophy is clear: We focus on the pursuit of excellence in all areas. From the first design up to the last made product, the exigency in our production lines is maximum . We are constantly investing  in quality and research to improve our processes, always in search of innovation within a dynamic and changeable market where BG SPAZIO has successfully adapted and positioned.

Thanks to the implementing of this philosophy and a constant evolution business- culture, we can offer the best possible product within our different product range:  Kitchenware, Cleaning ware, Organizing, IML Organizing, Garden or Beach products.  More and more customers trust BG SPAZIO for the quality of its products.


Máxima innovación en robóticaHigh precision robotics
Maquinaria Inyeccióninjection machinery of latest technology
Stand Feria FrankfurtFrankfurt Stand